Liège-based startup Get Your Way closes €300,000 fundraising round

Jan 25, 2023

The Liège-based company "Get Your Way", which makes connected glasses to offer assisted reality solutions in companies, announced on Tuesday morning that it had closed a €300,000 fundraising round to develop its activity. The start-up, run by three young people from Liège, has already signed its first contract for the use of its glasses in industry.

"Get Your Way" is the result of the collaboration of three young people from Liège, Nicolas Dessambre, Antoine Malherbe and Pierre Jenchenne. A product of the Startech programme organised by the WSL in partnership with Sowalfin, the young Liège company is supported by VentureLab, the incubator dedicated to young entrepreneurs in Liège.

At the beginning of 2023, the company was able to close a fundraising round for an amount of 300,000 euros, thanks to various sources of financing: subsidies, support from relatives and private investors. The latter include Yves Warnant, a successful entrepreneur who was the founders' first coach when they were still at university, Michel Saint-Mard and Fabrice Haudry, founders and managers of TAIPRO, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of (micro)electronic solutions based in Verviers, Industrya, an investment fund based in Seraing specialising in Industry 4. 0, Jan-Charles Van Hall who will use Get Your Way products in the hotel and catering industry through his company PLUG & POS, and private investors from the BeAngels group.

"We are delighted to be able to count on the support and experience of our investors to continue our adventure and achieve our next goals," says Nicolas, one of the company's founders." This fundraising will allow us to complete the development of our first products, test and improve them with our customers and bring them to market."
"We decided to support Get Your Way because we were impressed by the team and their lite-tech approach to developing connected glasses. We see a number of industrial applications for this kind of solution," adds Thibaud Le Séguillon, CEO of Industrya.

The three founders are looking for partners to implement their solutions to improve process tracking, quality control and/or inventory counting. They are convinced that their aRdent glasses will make these processes more efficient and more pleasant.

About Get Your Way

Get Your Way was born from an idea germinated in 2019, when the founders, students at the University of Liege, started to explore the possibilities of connected glasses to help delivery people on bikes. They soon realised that these glasses could also bring many benefits for businesses, and decided to focus on making connected glasses to offer assisted reality solutions. Their first achievement, a prototype, was developed in March 2022. Since March 2020, they have been supported by the VentureLab incubator and the recent support of WSL, and their company was established in December 2020.

The technology

The aRdent connected eyewear has an adjustable headband to fit all head sizes, and settings so that everyone can see the screen where it is most comfortable for them. The technology used allows the information to be displayed in the user's peripheral field for optimum safety. Control is from an external device, such as a smartphone or computer, which only needs Bluetooth capabilities to be connected. The software solutions offered are simple to set up and use, even for companies that do not have extensive development resources.


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