Meeting the needs of its time is the raison d'être of the John Cockerill Group. As the world continues to evolve faster, it also faces ever more complex challenges.

We, at John Cockerill, are true catalysts of opportunity. We take a different view of the world, at existing and developing technologies, at the needs of our customers and the communities in which we live.

There are 5 major areas in which John Cockerill offers technical solutions :

  • Preserving natural resources 
  • Producing in a sustainable way
  • Contributing to greener mobility
  • Facilitating access to renewable energy
  • Combatting insecurity

What brings us together - you, the industrial entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and us, the industrial group; it is this entrepreneurial spirit which runs through our veins and this constant attention to the satisfaction of our customers.


Industrya is an independent and autonomous company, which combines, with the John Cockerill Group, investment funds such as SRIW/WING, NOSHAQ and LRM, all of which develop sectoral expertise and structures highly-active ecosystems aligned with Industrya’s investment strategy.

sfpi - fpmi
The Federal Shareholding and Investment Company (SFPI) conducts centralised management of federal shareholdings, cooperates with the authorities on specific projects and conducts its own investment policy in the interest of the Belgian economy.
The S.R.I.W. Group contributes to the development of the economy of the Walloon region by participating financially in the development projects of Walloon companies or companies that are established in Wallonia. It participates in their growth, alongside private investors, through loans as well as equity investments.

W.IN.G (Wallonia Innovation and Growth) by Digital Wallonia is an investment fund managed by S.R.I.W. and is specialised in financing technology-based digital startups.
Noshaq is an investment fund in Liège that offers financing solutions for the creation and growth of companies. Noshaq invests in projects that bring new socio-economic opportunities to Liège and its region.
LRM offers private equity funds and subordinated loans to companies operating in Limburg, Belgium. LRM also participates in real estate development projects.

Industrya offers, in a hands-on way, i.e. à la carte and customised, operational support programs in one of its incubators or accelerators located in Liège, Charleroi, Genk, Leuven or Paris.

The hands on partners who may support and host you, if possible, are the following:

Who are we?