2022 review: 5 investments for Industrya

Dec 20, 2022

It's been a busy year for Industrya with no less than 5 new investments: Deltaray, Zozio, Aloxy, Qviro and the latest Enosis have joined our portfolio in 2022. These investments are in addition to the two others made last year, bringing the number of startups financed by Industrya to seven.

Deltaray - A 3D Accelerated Xray (3DAX) technology

Deltaray’s globally patented technology allows for items to be x-ray scanned and for these scans to be analysed and inspected in 3D using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This means that companies can check the internal quality of each product in the production line and at production line speed in a non-destructive manner. This innovation sees Deltaray deliver a response that is perfectly geared to the Industry 4.0 trend.

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Zozio - Predictive logistics solutions

Zozio, created in 2019, has made its name in the industry with the only AI-powered platform for predictive logistics and aims to become the logistics platform of reference in the industry of tomorrow.

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Aloxy - Industrial IoT solutions

Aloxy is a spin-off of imec and University of Antwerp that develops plug-and-play Internet of Things technology for the chemical and energy industry. A consortium of investors, Industrya, QBIC II, Innovation Fund, imec.istart and the University of Antwerp have joined forces with the team to invest € 3.8 million in the scale up and further growth of Aloxy.

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Qviro - Tripadvisor for industrial technology

Qviro is a Belgium-based startup active in the digitization of the procurement process of industrial technology such as robots and machines. is a review platform that helps factories and engineers make confident purchasing decisions. At the same time, it is a SaaS platform that provides vendors with market intelligence and data from potential customers.

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Enosis - Boosting the production of renewable gas

Enosis conçoit des équipements qui recyclent le CO2, évitent ses émissions et permettent de transformer les déchets non réutilisables en gaz renouvelable ou à faible teneur en carbone, un substitut du gaz naturel fossile. 

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